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CADAL was founded in 2003 in Argentina.


Calixto A Navarro
Calixto A Navarro
Calixto has lived in Miami, FL all his life born of Cuban parents. Graduated from Florida International University with a bachelors degree in International Relations with specialty in Latin American and Caribbean studies. During his time at Florida International University he was one of the founders of the Cuban American Students Association. Calixto, later went on to complete his Masters in Business Administration with a specialty in In-ternational Business at the University of Miami. He is one of the Co-founders of the Directorio Democratic Cubano (Cuban Democratic Directorate) and where he still sits on the board of directors as a Vice President. He has also served as a participant in the UN Human Rights Council on numerous sessions. Has represented the Directorio in many International forums as well as diplomatic meetings. Calixto currently has a successful real estate business in Miami and promotes the cities market potential to his international clientele.